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About Croatia - Alfa Travel

Croatia - a corner of the world where you can enjoy an unspoiled destination and  the untouched natural beauty. A place where Mediterranean, the Alps and Pannonian plane come together.

Zagreb is our capital. It is an old Central European city. Zagreb is business centre , univeristy city and city of culture, art and entertainments.
Zagreb offers its guests the Baroque feel of the Upper Town , picturesque open-air markets, various kind of shops and delicious local cuisine.
The old and new, natural and urban, in a city on a human scale, in Zagreb. Stroll the streets of the metropolis and walk through history.

Istria - This is an area where wide ranging of diversities have come together. Small, pitoresque, mediveal towns, Istrian hills, crystal clear sea, clean shores and ports, small narrow stone streets have come together to form a happy union. This is the land of differences, hidden treasures  and unspoiled nature. Discover it.

Kvarner - Enjoy beautiful Opatija Riviera and its 12 km long promenade by the sea. Here the tourism started in 1844 when it was built the first hotel in Opatija.

Zadar - It is the city with the largest researched Roman forum on the Croatian side of the Adriatic and unforgettable Romanesque churches like St. Donat, St.Anastasia and St.Chrisogonus.  Nearby is Nin, the oldest Croatian royal city.

Sibenik  - It is founded by Croats over 1000 years ago, the proud city of King Kresimir. Sibenik is the best known for its largest and most precious sacral monument, the Gothic-Renaissance cathedral of St.Jacob from 15th century whose dome of white stone dominates the city.

- A Roman Emperor´s magnificent city. The unique heart of Split, Diocletian s Palace  has been declared a monument of zero category and included in the UNESCO list of protected world heritage.

- George Bernard Shaw wrote: „ Those who seek paradise on Earth must come to Dubrovnik“. Dubrovnik is an old city, under the UNESCO protection , standing on its stone cliffs for at least 14 centuries. The story of Dubrovnk is difficult to recount. Warm Mediterranean climate, Renaisance parks, medieval stone palaces, fortresses,  monasteries, museums.....You should come and explore this manificant city and experience your own story.

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